Owning Opulence: The Road To Becoming A Virtual Millionaire

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Abandoned during pregnancy, in a matter of 10 months, Soncerae Monique went from living in the backseat of a Ford Explorer parked in an Atlanta Walmart parking lot to living a half a million dollar home in Northern, California. In this introductory guide to building an internet business, repairing your credit as well as increasing your income, Soncerae uses her personal experiences, successes & failures to help you improve on:

monetizing social media
crowd funding
creating and selling products or services (eBooks, courses and training, consulting, etc.);
creating multiple sources of income
investing in stock as well as crypto-currency
manifesting wealth
proper wealth mindset

Now is the time to take the next step toward personal freedom and financial independence. Find out how by learning from someone who went from nothing to something and is making it her business to help others live the lives they’ve always wanted, too.

Owning Opulence is the first book in a series by the author.

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