Man oh man what an amazing woman! In spite of the challenges and critics Soncerae has managed to exceed the expectations assigned to her.  She empowers! She inspires! Just by using her life’s journey as an example! 


 A touch of life experience and humor has allowed her to have an interesting perspective on life. In a 30-year life span she has accomplished just about every goal she could imagine. From ministering/counseling to modeling, from becoming a multi-media personality to dabbling in publishing, Soncerae has made a notable name for herself. By remarkably reviving companies through corporate branding, participating in philanthropy & community service. Turning her graphic design hobby into a profitable business, this maverick has proven time and time again that no matter what, you can reinvent yourself and improve. 


With her background career in Information Technology with specialties in data management and software engineering, Soncerae has displayed an impassioned work ethic comparable to none.  As CEO of her own corporation and receiving countless awards for her achievements, to Soncerae her greatest accomplishment is becoming a loving mother of two. She grinds! She does whatever she can to be the best version of herself she can be. She was even an Uber driver ya’ll!

Now as a dynamic speaker with a powerful message of spiritual yet practical relief to life’s traumas, she gives you alternative ways to deal with relationships, finances & your career.

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